Monday, December 29, 2008

A Big Night Out

Our raid master Lance said we start raiding at the end of January, time to dust off the brain and plan for the big reveal.

When Is the Big Night and Am I Invited?!

Find out, block out your diary and get ready for the big night.

OMG I’ve Got Nothing to Wear!

Find a pre-Naxx gear list you like and start picking the low hanging fruit from the Tree of WoWness.

Research BoE items on Thottbot and the AH, find out where they drop and how much they cost. Levelling crafters often sell at a loss, so look up the materials before you craft or commission anything. I saved 180g by buying the Hat of Wintry Doom, rather than crafting it.

Ask for a guild run to get boss drops.

Looking Lovely on the Night

Enchants and Buffness

Unless you’re hopelessly well-to-do don’t drop too much loot on buffing something that’ll be gone in a snap. But if it’s good – splash out. Think about how long the item will last and spend appropriately.

Enchant armor and weapons. Entry level Lich King enchants can be pretty cheap. Don’t forget stones and oils, etc for weapons. Legs take armor and spellthreads made by crafters.

To get enchants on your helm and shoulders, some faction will have to virtually want your babies. Find out who they are and start sucking up to them. Most of them let you buy their tabards, when you wear the tabard in level 80 dungeons you earn their reputaton.

With a Little Help From my Friends

Addons make it so much easier, make sure you have Diamond Threat Meter and something like Deadly Boss Mods. Also install the latest GEM so you can keep up with scheduled events.

Bring A Plate

Food: if you can’t or won’t cook, farm the ingredients and talk sweetly to someone who can. Or get a takeaway on the AH.

Potions and Elixirs: Potion use is restricted within an encounter, no more chuffing mana pots to get though long fights.

Dance the Night Away

Work out your best moves, class forums often have useful information on attack and heal rotations.

Read up on boss strategies and remember, although the raid leader may not always be correct, he will always be right :p


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