Monday, June 30, 2008

Arena Series 4

The new Arena season has started, which means all arena teams points are reset to 1500. The good news is that's 300 points more than The Shadow Dancers had at the end of Season 3! The bad news is that a vicious swathe of uber teams are now on the same rating as us and for the next few weeks we will be slaughtered mercilessly while they regain their normal rankings.

You may not think you're cut out for being cut up into fricasee every week, but really - even if you only turn up for 4 games a week, and you lose EVERY ONE, you should gain enough points to get some hot gear. You will also find your reflexes sharpen up, which is bound to save your and my cute little ass some day.

Season 4 introduced a requirement for players to achieve a minimum arena rating before they could buy the top items but that still leaves the Brutal Gladiator off-hand and gloves up for grabs and a nice collection of Epic gems.

Season 2 Merciless Gladiator gear is now available for honour points, so if arena is just too much to consider, try hanging out in the battlegrounds instead.

Check out WOW Insider for all the details and links you could want on arena. And have a look here to see Season 3 3v3 experts in action.

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