Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Epic gems for Arena Points in patch 2.4.3

MMO Champion claims an undocumented change in 2.4.3 allows you to buy Epic gems for Arena Points - 800 AP each.

"You can now buy
[Gleaming Ornate Dawnstone] (+10 Spell Critical Strike),
[Bold Ornate Ruby] (+20 Attack Power),
[Inscribed Ornate Topaz] (+10 Attack Power, +5 Critical Strike Rating),
[Potent Ornate Topaz] (+6 Spell Damage, +5 Spell Crit Rating),
[Runed Ornate Ruby] (+12 Spell Damage),
[Smooth Ornate Dawnstone] (+10 Spell Critical Strike)
for arena points !

Read the article here - the vendor is Big Zogg Torquewrench.

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