Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Heroic keys and why you need them - plus guild report

I found a tool on MMO Champion that allows you to see how your guild members are progressing in obtaining their heroic keys.

I set the report to run for all characters at level 30 and above, so it's also a useful list of Shadow Dancers toons that have been played for some time (although not all of them have been played for a while, heh). Here's the report.

Now if you're playing a toon at level 60 plus, and you plan to raid with us in Kara, you should really start doing some heroics to get the right gear and practice. To run a heroic, you need the key to the heroic instance, and to get the key, you need to get the appropriate faction up, so you can buy it from the faction's quartermaster.

Have a look at the list on the link above and see what factions you are missing. Check out the Outland and Lower City factions in wowwiki or wowhead to review the faction rewards and help you prioritise which factions are a priority for your class and professions. (You should be aiming to get all these factions up to at least honoured.)

Let the guild know what you need and start setting up GEM runs!

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