Sunday, September 7, 2008

Am I ready for Kara?

Well, maybe :-)

Even if you're not, we might call on you for the early part of Kara, because being a small guild we can't always be too choosy.

But we do need you to gear up so you can be useful to the raid. So here's a link to Ten Ton Hammer's guide on the stats you need to start Kara. See where you stand and identify your weak points, this then becomes your target for gear. If you don't know what gear will help you make the shortfall, talk to someone with the experience to help you decide.

And remember, bring potions, food, bandages, oils, sharpening stones, etc etc to help you narrow the gap. If you can't cook, at least find out what food you need and farm the mats for a guildie to make it. Better still, skill up your cooking!

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Amnion said...

I've noticed very few people use elixirs or flasks. I think when things are tight flasks/oils and buff foods can make all the difference