Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Some healy comments

Now guys, I love you like, well heck my brother's a bastard so, brothers!

But its a bit tiresome being made to feel I am some sort of ogre about the ressing/running back situations. It's always been very standard in groups I have played with. So what is usual in Kara:

a) die in a boss fight dont release, wait and see if a res is possible and to make sure you see LOOT
b) die in a trash fight in LOWER castle, run back, you might be able to help and avoid a wipe
c) trash fight upper castle you can take your chances on a res, you'll probably get one.
d)In upper castle if there is an autores or a soulstone available then dont release, faster to res the group up. So check if there is an res available before you release, you are hard to find once you have released. It is often better to save SS or autores for a boss fight wipe than a trash wipe, negotiate that at the time.

If not run back quickly, we have too much down time, and should be going much faster

e) If resser is running back, then you should be too - one of the biggest frustrations for ressers is to make their way back to upper castle and find multiple people whove gone off for coffee/telly/cuppa/comfy chair dead waiting to be resed. That all takes much more time. Ressers get pissed off.
Healing is a job in which there's little down time, like tanking. We, that is all of us, need some short bios, like 5 mins, more regularly than we have been.

As I say, its pretty standard, please stop the sarcasm I am coming to dislike it. Not that I dislike you. I come because I really like helping and playing


Amnion said...

Now I feel like a grump. Lovely day!
Yay SPORE on Friday

Annette said...

Sarcastic? Moi?!